Blade scratches

Blade scratches, Lake Pilsen, Bavaria, Germany

Ice Hockey on Lake Pilsen

One year ago the winter was quite hard and cold – the opposite to the current spring temperatures – when I shot a series of pictures on a frozen lake close to my home. People enjoyed running on ice skates, playing ice hockey, sailing or just walking and drinking some hot wine. I created a blurred and kind of surrealistic series and reduced the information in the picture and made it more abstract while I now got back to one of the picture working completly different. Instead blurring and reducing I emphasized, let’s say, maximized all the little details so that the scratches from the blades make the picture.

Camera: Nikon D4 | Lenses: 14-24 mm f/2.8 | Aperture: f 2.8  | Shutter speed:  1/2000 sec | ISO 200 | Focal length: 14  mm
Software:  Camra Raw, Photoshop CS6 | NikSoftware Viveza, Outputsharpener

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