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Whirling Dervish

        Dancing Dervish – Tradition meets modern dance performance Since I visited Turkey and learned about the traditional dancing dervishes I’m deeply impressed about this asthetic religious dance. Very famous for it’s dervish dance is Konya where Muslims as well as tourists travel to. Dervish derives from the word „door“ or „gate“ […]

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The falconer

Falconry – in the United Arab Emirates The sports of the Sheiks Falconry has a long and traditional conjunction with the Emirates what you can see for example in the emblem of the United Arab Emirates. Especially for the Sheiks the falconry is more than a sport as they do everything for their falcons and […]

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Cliff Diving at Dubai Mall

Cliff diving in Dubai Mall Walking through the Dubai Mall I was really impressed by the size, the shops and the aquarium. One thing I picked to capture some pictures from was the waterfall with the cliff diver sculptures. A really big wall where a water fall ran down and many body sculptures were mounted […]

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